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August 19, Hong Kong 4, Views. The story is based on the future events of the plot of Vampire Expert, a similar two-season television drama aired on ATV in and It blends aspects of the jiangshi Chinese “hopping” vampire with those of western vampires, while injecting elements of Chinese mythology and modern horror legends. The series is a tribute to Lam Ching-ying, the lead actor of Vampire Expert and a prominent cast member in the Mr. Vampire franchise, who died of liver cancer in In , he was fighting with Yamamoto Ichifu, a major of the Imperial Japanese Army, when they were interrupted by Cheung San, the progenitor of all vampires. The two men and a boy named Fuk-sang were bitten by Cheung San and they become vampires. His physical appearance has not changed since 60 years ago. He works as a policeman while Fuk-sang lives together with him and pretends to be his son, who currently attends primary school.

Dating a Vampire

Angie Cheong and Pinky Cheung had just finished shooting a scene which required Angie to deliver Pinky’s baby for her. The former reportedly did it quite ” professionally “. It is said that Pinky’s character made love to her lover in the dreams and later, got pregnant with his child. However, the latter is a demon child

In ancient times, Fuxi, the King of Humankind, desired to create a paradise called the SERIAL HONGKONG MANDARIN MY DATE WITH A VAMPIRE 3. Rp

I used to love this series! What a great entry, Hyn!!! I love all the 3 parts. But didn’t Chan Sap Sam write Vampire 3 too? Thank you so much for posting this Hyn!!! A major part of my childhood! I always wonder how Ma Siu-Ling can control her tears though I want to re-watch this now.

How to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 7: First Date on Netflix Hong Kong!

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From the director of the cult classic NAKED KILLER comes this horror comedy written by Hong Kong’s film maestro Wong Jing.

Eric Alex Fong Lik-Sun and Cheun Sammy are two medical students who opt to rent a flat in a secluded housing estate, the reason being to concentrate on their upcoming exams. Their best intentions go south damn quick; first of all, Cheun wastes time and acts extremely annoying, thereby ruining any chance at serious study time. Second, there may be vampires in the building. Eric becomes slightly enamored of Jade Miki Lee , a pretty young thing who lives in the building with her older sisters Zuki Lee and Cynthia Ho.

But after a series of weird noises and the appearance of a man bleeding from the neck, Eric thinks something may be up. Clarence Yiu-leung Fok. English Cantonese. Review by J. I guess.

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They jump. They bite. Of all the qualities that go into making a Jiangshi movie, humor is number one. Jiangshi films employ slapstick physical comedy, especially when the vampires hop into kung fu moves. This contributed to many funny scenes in the films, and my friends and I would hold our own breath while we sat in the audience.

Sang dares not to confess to Yau that he sucked human blood. There is a dried body case in Hong Kong. Ling suspects that Sang is involved and a few bodies.

My Date with a Vampire spawned two more sequels, becoming a well-received trilogy. The final installment aired in What was the secret to My Date with a Vampire , and in a time when the fantasy genre has yet to make a mark on Hong Kong television, why was ATV so ready to accept such an outlandish series? The screenwriter met Joey while finishing up on the post-production of My Date with a Vampire.

They fell in love and married in She was too expensive. No guarantee of success! The central focus of My Date with a Vampire was the forbidden love story between the vampire Fong Tin-yau and the ghostbuster Ma Siu-ling.

ATV battles TVB with “My Date With a Vampire”

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Chaos break out in Hong Kong as vampires multiply and roam the streets freely. At this point, Fong teams up with Ma and his friends to stop Yamamoto and.

Each person had a superior or rational soul and an inferior or irrational soul. The former had the form of the body and upon separation could appear as its exact double. The superior soul could leave the sleeping body and wander about the countryside. For a short period it could possess the body of another and speak through it. If accidents befell the wandering soul, it would have negative repercussions on the body. On occasion the superior soul appeared in an animal form. The chiangshih appeared normal and was not recognized as a vampire until some action gave it away.

However, at other times it took on a hideous aspect and assumed a green phosphorescent glow. In this form the chiang-shih developed serrated teeth and long talons. The Origin and Destruction of the Chiang-shih: The chiang-shih seems to have originated as a means of explaining problems associated with death. The chiang-shih arose following a violent death due to suicide, hanging, drowning, or smothering.

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The series starred many cast members from the first two seasons. Like the first two seasons, My Date with a Vampire III also blends aspects of the jiangshi Chinese “hopping” vampire with those of western vampires, while injecting elements of Chinese mythology, eschatology and time travel, with more focus on Chinese mythology in this season as compared to the first two. Three years later, in , another eschatologicalevent is about to occur again.

However, “My Date with a Vampire” is my absolute all-time favourite! “Vampire” was the first of its kind in Hong Kong television, and ATV was.

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See the gallery. Dating a Vampire is inspired the Chinese Ghost Story films. Plot is something like this: Two hospital interns are increasingly concerned by the odd behavior of their three sexy neighbors who soon turn out to be bloodsucking fiends in this Chinese horror-comedy. Interesting movie with lots of fun but it also has few gore scenes. The biggest killer here is the action, or the lack thereof. When the finale rolls around, we get treated to supernatural types jumping at each other like in the wild HK films of old – except they do it here in slow motion with distracting strobe effects that are all but guaranteed to induce seizures.

Director Clarence Fok also employs jerky step printing, unclear framing, and murky moving camera. These choices were likely made by the filmmakers to disguise the lack of budget and choreography, but really, they don’t do a good job of doing that. Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors’ favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

My Date with a Vampire (Hong Kong TV Series)

The story begins with Eric and his schoolmate, “chatter box” Chuen, move into an empty Public Estate unit for a temporary stay in order to focus on their revision and preparation for examinations. Living in the spooky flat numbered , they immediately feel something wrong about it. Eric also sees two men and two girls running in the hallway and a man shows up with blood all over his body.

Fox Networks Group Asia will produce a TV series and possibly a film after acquiring one-third of the ailing Hong Kong company’s inventory.

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My Date With A Vampire III – 我和僵尸有个约会 3

A month or so ago, this site reviewed Don’t Open Your Eyes , a Wong Jing-related horror comedy that was roundly criticized, then begrudgingly called “partially amusing. Have we really gone that soft? Are we so desperate for semi-decent cinema that we would excuse a barely average piece of moviemaking like Don’t Open Your Eyes? Dating a Vampire is really that bad.

The latest front-runner for worst Hong Kong movie of the year. The main reason: it’s bad. Review by Kozo: A month or so ago, this site reviewed Don’t.

According to a report on Asian Universe, the station, which has begin showing the hit series on 12 May, reportedly will also broadcast “Hong Kong Today” on the same slot on the ATV Classic channel, with a five-episode rerun on Sundays. When asked for the reason on why they decided to air the series again despite the fact that it has been shown five times in the course of 16 years, ATV’s Executive Director Yip Ka Bo replied: “It’s the classic of all classics.

You can watch a good show times! The decision to air the series again was also received positively by Hong Kong netizens who are annoyed by TVB’s unwillingness to take “Journey to the West” off the air, though some believed that both stations are out of fresh ideas and are just being ridiculous. Starring Eric Wan, Joey Meng and Kristy Yang, “My Date with a Vampire” tells the story of a guerrilla fighter-turned-vampire who is involved in a love triangle with two women, one of them an heiress to a clan of ghostbusters, while trying his hardest to live a normal life in the modern world.

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