Album Review of Get Tragic by Blood Red Shoes.

The self-titled album lends itself to an ooze of self-confidence and the exhibition of the core sound and creativity a band holds, and what a band are through musical fusion in a collectivity of songs. Alternative duo Blood Red Shoes aim to achieve just that. The typical Blood Red Shoes sound is instantly recognisible, but with a heavier haunting edge added through sunken, yet agile riffs. This alacrity is displayed through lyrics, but also through high notes and high affirmative musicality. Quirkier elements are underpinned during the album. Sound synonymous to The Pretty Reckless can be heard here with its no nonsense stripped back heavy, but gloomy tone. It gives the listener a confusing sense as to whether this album achieves that album of positivity its trying to portray throughout. Overall, Blood Red Shoes have provided a confidence record, that is so stripped back the plastering has come off the walls.

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Cat On Form and Lady Muck, Brighton alt twosome Blood Red Shoes capacity show to date at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire on 18 Oct.

We really wanted to focus on writing great songs and once we had the backbone of that we could embellish things in whatever way we felt fit. That way behind all the guitar distortion and heavy drums you could play the songs on an acoustic guitar and they could still stand up on their own. So, for example, if we felt like strings or keyboard would work in a song then we should put it in.

Which we did. We still like to keep our sound real and not too over-produced, but we did put more layers on than the previous albums, though each part really has a place. Our voices have been a huge step forward for us as we are really learning every day about how to sing better and how our voices complement each other.

AM: Given you have more layers and production going on this time — how will it translate live? LMC: Like I said, the backbone of each song is there without the production, so it will be a more stripped back version live. We will not be using backing tracks or have extra members, which is something we feel very strongly about. At the moment we are rehearsing the songs, and although there is a lot more to think about for both of us, I think there are ways we can work it out.

A few songs on the record may not fit in our live set but we can play them acoustic for sessions and various other things. I have way more pedals now and Steve has to take singing and drumming to the next level, but we are confident we can pull it off. AM: Have you always wanted to experiment more with your sound?

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The synergy between the duo is pretty remarkable, as both members frequently trade between lead and backup vocals throughout the songs. Blood Red Shoes is a Brighton-based band from England, and have released four albums. This album, Box of Secrets, is their debut LP — and is mostly comprised of re-recorded singles that were previously released in limited supply.

Blood Red Shoes’ newly reinvigorated sound sees the Brighton duo More melodic and synth-led than any of the band’s records to date, and.

When Queen Kwong walks onstage, she is alone. She sings softly, beckoning everyone in the room closer, slowly building, and when her band take their place behind her, and Prehistoric Blues reaches its crescendo, she knocks them all back. Collapsing on her back, slamming the life out of the whammy bar, straddling the speakers as she wails over static. Blood Red Shoes are almost tame by comparison.

The duo is here, with the help of a backing band, promoting their latest release Get Tragic. Despite coming out in January, which feels like years ago, the new songs are still fresh and exciting — the lingering Elijah opens the set, as they bathe in a cinematic green glow. Though singer and guitarist Laura-Mary Carter seems a little quiet, it only makes you want to pay even more attention.

The pacing is thrown off slightly by having to wait a while for the backing musicians Lins Wilson and James Allix to make their way back to the stage, but Steve manages to stall for a bit by talking about getting drunk on mulled wine that they brought back from Germany. He mentions it again after a longer than usual break before the encore, laughing that it took a long time to heat up. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Blood Red Shoes – ‘Blood Red Shoes’

After years of a constant release-tour-release cycle, Blood Red Shoes decided they were sick of the sight of each other back in In classic rock band style, the sibling duo separated in order to find themselves. For singer-guitarist Laura-Mary Carter, this involved getting on a one-way flight to the USA and writing songs for pop producers. There’s an old Scottish phrase “gang aft agley” which roughly translates as “often go wrong”.

One thing we know for sure, albums written by bands in conflict fucking rule.

I don’t want you to think I do these things I do, Because of you. – Blood Red Shoes​, “This Is Not For You” Release Date: 14 April Dropping.

The best album credited to Blood Red Shoes is Box Of Secrets which is ranked number 13, in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of Blood Red Shoes is ranked number 5, in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of This may not be a complete discography for Blood Red Shoes. This listing only shows those albums by this artist that appear in at least one chart on this site.

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Blood Red Shoes announce new single and support slot for The Gaslight Anthem

The best album by Blood Red Shoes is Box Of Secrets which is ranked number in the list of all-time albums with a total rank score of The tracks on this album have an average rating of 78 out of all tracks have been rated. You can include this album in your own chart from the My Charts page! Showing all 1 members who have this album in their collection. Showing latest 5 ratings for this album. Show all 10 ratings for this album.

If you’ll excuse the idiom, Blood Red Shoes have been through hell and back. than any of the band’s records to date, it embraces electronics and nuance in a.

It’s the sort of music you want to listen to in a dimly lit room and let itwrap itself around you. I especially liked the haunting track ‘Beverly’. It’s a bit of a comeback album for the Brighton duo, made up of Carter and drummer Steven Ansell, after a temporary split following their fourth album. They had been relentlessly gigging off the back of their self-produced and self-titled record. The pair took a break – from each other. But fate brought them back together and they’ve returned with a ‘more melodic and synth-led sound’ than any of their records to date – and I like it.

Published: , 10 January Updated: , 10 January This fifth album from Blood Red Shoes vibrates out of the speakers with a dark and moody vibe. It’s electro-rock that reminds me of early Garbage led by Shirley Manson. Blood Red Shoes’ new album is called Get Tragic.

Blood Red Shoes announce Leeds date

Alternate Versions EP. Get Tragic. Blood Red Shoes. In Time To Voices. Fire Like This. Box of Secrets.

The Joy Formidable, Blood Red Shoes, You Won’t. Past(04/19/). PM. ​​House of Blues. Edit. Artists. Follow Unfollow. The Joy Formidable (North Wales,​.

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